The Customer is a team that created an ERC-20 compliant smart contract, a TokenField Token. The token is fully decentralized, automatically liquid, trustlessly exchangeable, interest-bearing, and bond-like.

Tasks And Challenges

The task was to conduct a source code audit for a TokenField DeFi project and identify the following issues, if any:

  • Errors and vulnerabilities
  • Logical inconsistencies
  • Exit scam signs

This time, the project challenged us with a great scope of work and extremely tight audit deadlines. To clarify, the project had a complicated business logic and contained a great number of SLOC. And we had only four days to complete an analysis of DeFi defaults.


Methods And Tools

When auditing, we applied the following tools and methods:

  • Code review
  • Solidity static analysis
  • Dynamic source code analysis
  • Test local Ethereum network
  • Know-how for tracking smart contract transaction status



For auditing, we requested full documentation about the project. After the Customer provided it, we conducted a detailed contract mathematics analysis. Also, we conducted an analysis of DeFi defaults and code security.

Below, we present the key results of the analysis:

  • No errors and vulnerabilities were identified
  • No logical inconsistences were identified
  • No exit scam possibility was identified
  • No comments or corrections were identified either.

In addition, it is important to mention the project has first-rate documentation and good code quality.

Based on the aforementioned results, guarantees the TokenField smart contract security and performance.


Project timeframe:

(December 14 – December 18)

It was a tight deadline audit. The negotiations took place on December 14, and the result must be provided on December 18. Despite the project complexity, we managed to hit the deadlines and provided a draft audit report on time. After the deployment, we signed the report.


Video report

As the smart contract audit price was significant due to its tight deadlines, we decided to grant the Customer a video for the report for free. The task to release the video also was of tight deadlines. And, again, we manage to hit these deadlines. We released the video in record three days after the report was ready, on December 21.