Smart contracts audit

A team of blockchain developers working on the market since 2016 offers a comprehensive service for in-depth analysis of smart contracts and defi applications.

Our team will allow you secure your investments in decentralized applications.

We have been working on the market since 2016
Fixed lead time
Urgent audit possible
The contract clear analysis for any person
The report verification with a digital signature

Why audit is needed

Even a minor error or flaw in a smart contract logic can freeze a lot of money, also, holes can be introduced by developers intentionally, to commit exit-scam.

25% all smart contracts contain critical vulnerabilities
50 million $ Was stolen from the DAO project due to a technical flaw in the smart contract code
1 billion $ lost as a human error result in the smart contract code

The Ethereum virtual machine allows using smart contracts that use very complex logic. However, the more complex this logic, the higher an error occurring probability, especially since the system infrastructure has not yet been established. Solidity, the main language used to program Ethereum smart contracts, is easy to learn and highly regarded by professionals, which attracts unskilled developers.

Your smart contract an external audit will help to identify errors in the code, vulnerabilities, and check the program logic.

For creators:

a third-party code audit will identify errors that were not detected during the development and testing phase and eliminate asset freezing situations on the contract.

For investors:

a code audit will answer the question - is it safe to invest in a particular project from the contract itself code viewpoint. Are there accidental or intentional holes to freeze investors' funds?

For exchanges and payment services:

For exchanges and payment services: the token code audit will answer the question - is it safe to place this token in the project.

Additional Information

Our team has been working on the cryptocurrency market since 2016, which is confirmed by that time Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses. All reports developed by our specialists contain a digital signature with these addresses, so they can be verified and cannot be forged.

As our work result, you will receive your project independent analysis with all vulnerabilities' indication with a vulnerability rating, as well as recommendations for their elimination.

All our reports are signed with the same keys for the following addresses (no exceptions) :
Bitcoin: 1FXJRXZykRZo1osiyQiTS5uFisRzddE5Ev
Ethereum: 0x505aDe8CeA4Db608250E503a5E8D4CB436044d2E

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